All Inclusive Luxury Resort - Sandals Wedding and Romance

Looking to do a location wedding in an all inclusive luxury resort? What could be more enchanting than the magical beaches of the Caribbean? I can't think of anything else which would make a wedding or a honeymoon more perfect pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the golden glow of the sun and a wedding in an all inclusive luxury resort like Sandals.simply perfect!

The magical romance of the Caribbean and the laid back ambience and attitude of the people there all make for the most perfect atmosphere for romance that you could ever want! Add to this, weddings by Martha Stewart, yes THE Martha Stewart and you're all set to have the fairytale wedding you've been dreaming of ever since you were a child!

Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio

Are you Italian at heart? Then try a romantic getaway at Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio! Classical sculptures, exotic Mediterranean cuisine, or even a mock 600 ft tall Dunn's River falls in the specta cular swimming pool you name it, they have it! It is definitely luxurious accommodations at its best! The amazing contrast of the Italian sophistication and the natural beauty of the Caribbean that you see out there will take your breath away and make your wedding even more perfect!
Sandals Grande Antigua

Or try the Sandals Grande Antigua. It is beautiful and the staff is extra caring! Honeymoon or birthday, you can have them arrange a little private ceremony just for you and that special someone! The hotel's band will come and sing for you and the chef might just even cook up a special delicious dessert for you! And while we're at it, we all know that nothing works better as an aphrodisiac, than food! Coupled with the marvelous weather in Antigua, this all inclusive luxury resort can really be what you've been looking for, in terms of a location for your beach wedding!

Sandals Regency, St. Lucia

The Sandals Regency, St. Lucia is another of the mind blowing Sandals luxury resorts in the Caribbean! If you are one half of an "active" couple, then this is the best resort for you. There are activities aplenty to keep you busy and make sure that your stay is more than memorable.

The romantic atmosphere and pe aceful weather will ensure that the passion in your relationship is rekindled over and over again! It's as though the magical romance of the place gets to you and you can't help but fall in love with your partner all over again! So if you're looking to rekindle the romance in your relationship, then this resort is definitely where you should put up! The Sandals chain of hotels is truly a remarkable one and when it comes to all inclusive luxury resorts, it is definitely among one of my favorites!


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