The brand Christian Dior is a fashion icon of haute couture. He invented the so-called "New Look", which throughout its history has made his own translation of the physical human dreams and fantasy through her ​​clothes. The brand is perhaps the most influential, chic and glamorous and extravagant of the fascinating world of haute couture. Fruit of the creative and innovative mind who loved to break and break trends, fashion designer Christian Dior. Tags: Purse, walttes, shoes, sandals, Disccounts, Handbags, Bags, Réplica, China, Chinese,Lux,boots 

dresses. Some with provocative necklines. Perfumes with exotic aromas and unmistakable. Classic shoes with modern air. Scholarships that are loaded with beautiful and famous women in the four corners of the world. Celebrities, scandals, and huge fortunes were always very glamorous GUCCI associated with the name, a brand that most epitomizes the Italian flair in the luxury market.
Imagine an Italian brand that is synonymous with luxury and glamor worldwide. That even the Pope wears his shoes. Or rather, even the Devil wears. Call the Italian Prada brand is a tremendous insult. Chic and luxurious in women awakens an intense and often uncontrollable desire for parts that look like real gems of the fashion world, going so far as the powerful editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, saying: "Prada is the only reason for someone to attend the fashion season in Milan. "In short, PRADA is simply divine. 
 The world's most famous chess appears in bikinis, swimwear, swimsuits, caps, belts, ties, handbags and other accessories. For those unfamiliar with the English aristocratic BURBERRY, a good introduction, is to know that the brand is responsible for developing the raincoat. It is the brand that came out of the rain to fashion shows in the luxury segment and won stylish consumers in all parts of the world.
Their bags and fur coats parade in the most luxurious and sophisticated in the world. The logo consists of two letters F and is seen as a status symbol recognized worldwide. The brand brings FENDI the surname of the legendary Italian family, interpreting the past in contemporary way, honoring the tradition of craft and celebrating the creation of new materials and precious and valuable details. The popularity of the cleft, however, should be the same stock, who never saved the brand logo and made him a true and disputed status symbol.