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It seems like everyone is taking up running as a sport these days. One of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for running is get a pair of the best running shoes. Gone are the days of thick and clunky-soled shoes. Today's best running shoes are all about traction and giving your foot a natural feel and grip of the ground. For many years, shoes were designed with a high heel to prepare runners for the hard landings they faced when running on various surfaces. Studies have shown that a forefoot or mid-foot strike is best, and the latest shoes provide just that. The best running shoes by Skechers, Nike and Reebok exhibit the latest in technology and comfort for every kind of runner.

The newest running shoe available from Skechers is called the Skechers GOrun. This shoe boasts a mid-foot strike, claiming this is how we were designed to run. After all, our evolutionary counterparts did not need fancy shoes to run, they ran barefoot and did just fine. The best running shoes mimic running barefoot. This shoe prepares you for the best foot strike, and has SmartShoe technology to shift your weight off your heel. These shoes are very light: only 6.9 ounces for an average men's shoe and 4.9 ounces for a women's shoe. The best running shoes have it all, and these can be worn without socks and have a very wide toe so your foot can spread and grip the ground well while run.

Nike has always been known for inventing some of the best running shoes. In fact, they were the company to start focusing on a lightweight shoe first, and other companies are following suit. It was the success of the Nike Free that inspired them to come out with their latest design, the Free Run 2. Nike discovered eight years ago that Stanford athletes were doing their training barefoot, and spent the last eight years studying barefoot running. Harvard also has done studies on barefoot running, and what they both found is that people will have more ability and more endurance if a shoe can mimic what a person does while running barefoot. Shoes were typically designed for either running or cross-training or aerobics. A shoe that copies a bare foot can allow the user to do much more. Many long-time runners say they adapted very easily to the mid-foot strike encouraged by this shoe. And of course, the Free and Free Run 2 are lightweight and come in a lot of fun colors.

Reebok is probably the last company to jump on the barefoot bandwagon. Among the best running shoes is the RealFlex, which looks like a cross between the Nike Free and the Zig. Reebok had a really good seller in the Zig, which was branded more as a training shoe. The Zig has a pretty large sole (think Nike Shock meets the letter Z'). The Zig can be a heavier shoe, but many people are used to having a large-soled shoe. The RealFlex is a good compromise for someone who cannot seem to get away from the larger-soled shoes. They are still very flexible and provide more support than some of the other barefoot running shoes. This can be especially helpful if you are new to running and trying to figure out your stride.

The best running shoes are the shoes that cause you the least amount of pain both physically and to your pocketbook. All of these shoes can be purchased for under $100. You do not have to run barefoot to get the barefoot running experience.

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