Does running help you lose weight

As you know there are lots of ways to lose weight. The main three are doing exercise or sports, diet, and eat diet supplement. In this article I will focus on answering this one question:does running help you lose weight.

Does running help you lose weight?

Yes running will help you lose weight. Running 5mph can burns 500 calories per hour. There are several reasons why you should do running:

It's easy to do. I'm sure you can run, but I'm not sure if you can play basketball. You just need to wear your running shoes and start the running. You can run inside your house by using a treadmill or run anytime of the day. Running when you are in another country for business trip is also possible if you brought your sneakers and workout clothes. It is less expensive than other exercise. If you want to run at your nearest park, you only need to pay for your running shoes. If you play soccer, basketball and golf most likely you will need to pay for the field/court. It doesn't need a lot people. You can run by yourself or run with your spouse. Imagine if you want to play soccer and basketball, you need to match your team member time. Running with other people will make it more enjoyable.

High Intensity Interval Training

You can do High Intensity Interval Training or Interval training to make your running more effective. This strategy is done by combininglow intensity running and high intensity running. You can do it by combining regular speed running with sprinting. For example you can run at regular speed for 5 minutes, 1 minute of sprint, and another regular speed for 5 minutes. Running uphill and downhill is also a high intensity interval training because running uphill is more difficult than running downhill, so you are combining high intensity with low intensity running.

Is running the best way to lose weight?

Running is not the best way to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by combining several exercises. It is true that running can burn a lot of energy, but there are several other exercises or sports that burn more calories. Soccer, swimming, bicycling, basketball burns more calories than running. But if you like running than those other sports, just keep running. It's better to lose weight by doing something that you like.

Running tips

Here are several tips if you want to do running for weight loss:

It's a good idea to visit your physician. He can tell you if your body condition is not good enough for running. If you never run before or haven't run for a long time, you should do walking first. Build your running program, so you will know what to do on each session of your running.. Join your local running club. Check with your local fitness center.

Doing only running won't help you much in lowering your weight. You need to combine it with diet. Running an hour a day won't do much, if you ate like a monster. You also need to run regularly. Running once a week won't have too much impact on your weight. If you can run each day, you will certainly lose weight faster. If you don't have much time, running 3-4 times a week is good enough.


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