Mizuno Volleyball Shoes-A Checklist of Styles At Worldwide Sports Supply

Mizuno volleyball shoes are one of the most popular brands of athletic shoewear on the market today. The popularity of the brand spurs many prominent online volleyball stores and web suppliers to stock as many different models of Mizuno shoes as possible. In fact, many of the online volleyball product sites stock the same exact style of shoes.

As a volleyball parent or volleyball player shopping for Mizuno shoes a few factors that may influence where and from whom you buy your from may include:

discounts offered

sales offers

coupons available

specials offered

shipping and handling fees

speed of delivery and shipment

customer service

product in stock and size availability

Worldwide Sports Supply

Worldwide Sports Supply ranks at the top of the list in all the categories above. Most notably they have an extensive stock of Mizuno volleyball shoes any player can choose from.

Worldwide Sport Supply has been selling wrestling, running and volleyball equipment to teams, coaches and athletes since 1981. One thing that sets them apart from their competition is that they have their own onsite warehouse which allows them to ship orders quickly both internationally and domestically and most importantly ensures that products are in stock.

Worldwide Sport Supply has a volleyball blog on their site which posts notices on promotions, updates to upcoming specials, product announcements about current sales, and volleyball news. The idea behind the creation of their volleyball blog is to relay important product information or to express their views of the volleyball market. The reader (or buyer) is invited to contribute to the blog by posting their own experiences with volleyball life or any of the Worldwide Sports products. I love the concept of blogging on a product site but the last time the volleyballblogger posted an update was in August of 2009. I think this would be a great way to stay in touch with their clientele, if they chose to keep the blog updated.

Another cool feature on the Worldwide Sport Supply website are the video product reviews. From funky volleyball socks and volleyball spandex shorts to the Mizuno Wave Tornado 3 Volleyball Shoes visitors can check out videos onsite or on Youtube which feature Worldwide Sport Supply employees who have a strong background in their sport talk to brand managers of various products providing reviews and explanations of how to use and feedback on products. Currently there are quite a lot of wrestling equipment reviews, but with all the volleyball products in stock, my personal opinion is that more videos of volleyball brands and equipment could be provided.

Worldwide Sport Supply also has a huge Clearance section offering volleyball closeouts with savings of up to 75% on discounted products like:

ASICS volleyball knee pads, volleyball flip flops, volleyball jerseys, volleyballs, volleyball shoes, volleyball slides, volleyball training shoes, t-shirts, and men's and women's volleyball shoes. Speaking of women's shoes...

Mizuno Women's Wave Spike Volleyball Shoes

Spike 11 - comes in four colors white/red, white/navy, white/royal and white/black

Spike 12 - available in three color combinations white/navy, white/royal and white/black/silver

Spike 13 - available in three colors red/silver, navy/silver and royal/silver

Mizuno Wave Lightning Volleyball Shoes

Lightning 3 - offered only in one color option white/lime/black

Lightning 4 - available in one color combination of white/forest

Lightning 5 - this version comes in 11 color combinations including red/silver, navy/silver, royal/silver, silver/red, silver/orange, silver/forest, silver/navy, silver/royal, silver/gold, silver/black and black/silver

Lightning 6 - white/red, white/forest, white/navy, white/royal, white/black, black/bolt, black/baby blue, black/silver, black/gold

Mizuno Wave Tornado 5 Volleyball Shoes

Tornado 4 - offered only in white/black

Tornado 5 - offered only in white/black


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