Running Shoes and The Health of Your Feet

Have you ever been into a store that makes customized running shoes? Do you know the reason why these stores flourish? Do you think that making customized shoes is just a marketing strategy in order to entice people to spend more money for running shoes?

Evidently, having the exact pair of running shoes can make an impact on your running. Consequently, engineered running shoe shops are not just there for the heck of it. They do have a purpose, which is to create running shoes based on scientific research and principles. Some running shoes can really be expensive, but the comfort and ease they will provide are priceless.

Running Shoes are Supposed to Be Comfortable

First of all, if you buy a pair of running shoes that doesn't properly fit, you will feel a great deal of discomfort when running. The reality of which is that finding the perfect running shoes to suit you is a difficult task. Instead of making your running pleasurable, the wrong pair of running shoes can be a hassle and cause foot ache or injury. The shoes may also affect your speed since they do not follow the contour of your feet. Thus, your workout would not turn out well, especially when speed is being counted against time. This will affect the runner's motivation and morale since the outcome of the workout does not reflect the exact running time. Hence, the existence of shoe shops that especially manufacture engineered running shoes contribute a lot both to the running regimen and the maintenance of the fitness of the feet.

Different Running Gaits

There are three kinds of running gaits. They are over-pronate, supinate and normal pronation. Before explaining any further, you might ask what pronation is. Well, pronation is the term used to describe the movement of the foot when running. Here, the foot rolls inward during motion, and at that moment, the outer edge of the heel hits the ground, the foot rolls inward and then flattens out. In over-pronation, the arch flattens to the point of stretching the tendons, ligaments and muscles, which can cause injury in the process. In supination, the movement is the opposite to that of pronate; the roll of the foot is outward. An excessive supination can strain the muscles and tendons that support the ankle, and may result to sprain, as well as injury. Basically, there is pretty much nothing you can do to change the pronation of your foot. This is because it is dependent on the physiological aspect of your foot.

Going to engineered running shoe shops is beneficial because people have different running gaits. They have to know what shoe will be most suitable for the way they run. Luckily, shoe shops that do this are available.

Different Foot Arches

Like running gaits, people have different foot arches. If you are considering buying an engineered running shoe, the shop making them will pattern it on your foot arch. Basically, there are three types of foot arches. They are called flat or low arch, medium or normal foot arch, and high arch. Knowing your foot's arch is also crucial to determining its pronation.

If your current running shoe doesn't support the kind of foot arch you have, then it's time to buy the right pair for you. It is best if you seek for engineered running shoe shops near you soon to have one manufactured according to your arch.

Different Toe Types

People have different toe types as well. Wearing shoes not custom-made for the foot can cause swollen toes. Moreover, users of those shoe types can su ffer toe bruising. When this happens, they will have a hard time running. Also, toes can get crammed inside the shoe if it does not support the foot very well. This should be avoided by people lest they want to stop running.

Different Running Styles

People run in various ways. When you go to shoe shops that make engineered running shoes, they will examine the way you run by having you run on a treadmill. The person who will get your running analysis will determine what kind of running shoes should be made for you. The whole process, from the recording, analysis, and the actual manufacture of the shoes, are geared to help you run better.

Engineered running shoe shops are truly necessary for many people especially for those who engage in running as a routine or exercise. It is also a blessing for those who run as a sports athlete. It would be unfair to regard these types of shoe shops as irrelevant or a mere money-making industry. Engineered running shoe shop s function with scientific foundation and their shoes are made for health and comfort.


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