Crochet Fun Fashion Flip Flop Sandals

Summer sun is upon us once again, and trips to the beach and pool are on our schedule. Women and girls love to wear stylish flip-flop sandals when they head out in the hot weather. Stores carry a wide variety of flip-flops with beads, sequins, and different fabrics. However, if you want something truly unique, try making these super easy crochet fashion flip flop sandals.

Materials Needed for Fashion Flip Flops

In order to create these fun crochet fashion flip flop sandals, you first need a pair of plain flip-flops. You can use the ones with a plastic strap or a fabric strap.

The tools you need to complete these summer sandals are a medium size crochet hook, and a scissor. You might like to use some clear-drying craft glue to secure the yarn ends.

You also need a skein of a specialty yarn such as mohair, fringe, or eyelash yarn. Yarn with a lot of fuzzy pieces sticking out is preferable.

Crochet the Fashion Flip Flops

To actually crochet the fun fashion flip flop sandals, you are simply going to be covering the straps that go across the top of your foot with the novelty yarn. Start at one end by tying the yarn securely around the strap. You can use a dot of clear drying glue to hold it in place.

Begin crocheting by pushing your crochet hook under the strap and catching the yarn from the top side. Then, pull the yarn under the strap and catch the yarn from the top again. Pull the loop through the first loop of yarn. You are essentially making a single crochet with the yarn around the strap of the flip-flop sandal.

Continuing with the single crochet method all the way across the strap of the flip-flop. Do not cover the piece that goes between the toes, as this may make it too wide for comfort. Knot the yarn at the end, secure with glue, and tuck the trailing end back into the stitching. Repeat these steps with the other flip flop sandal.

The final step in making these crochet fashion flip flop sandals is making sure that they eyelashes or fringe of the yarn is displayed properly. Use a small brush or your fingers to gently pull the fringe out and around the flip-flop strap.

These fun crochet flip-flop sandals can be made with many types of specialty yarn. You can make them in any color combination that you like. Since plain flip flop sandals can be purchased for so little, you will be able to make enough crochet fashion flip flops to match every outfit in your Summer wardrobe.

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