Lolcats Founders Launch Ifshoescouldkill

Blogs dedicated to one theme - a direct and usually odd subject are hot and sometimes very funny, sometimes they are just very odd. The latest of the theme blogs is from the Cheezburger Network (Lolcats, FAIL Blog, There I Fixed It, etc. etc.)

It's and is nothing more than the ridiculous shoes that models wear down the catwalks and fashion designers release for no other reason than to get publicity.

So be on the lookout for the dangerous kicks and upload the pictures and get in on the ground floor of If Shoes Could Kill. As of today, it's only four pages long - just a tiny fraction of the thousands and thousands of pictures submitted to LOLcats.

Be a trend-starter, and help line the pockets of the LOLcats Network founders. IfShoesCouldKill isn't picky on how new or recent the images are - some of these shoe fashions have been seen on catwalks a couple seasons ago. But to grab a shot at being a super star, posters should be on the lookout for the newest, most outrageous stemwear that is showing up on the fashion blogs, fashion magazines, fashion show catwalks.

There are hundreds of shoe blogs that make it easy to monitor the new, latest, craziest and most ridiculous shoes that are being designed today. Keep your eyes peeled for killer kicks and share your discovery on If Shoes Could Kill so the rest of the world can get a lot of laughs at the expense of some uber-shoe designer.

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