You Can Not Run Best

The time of running should be controlled by self healthy conditions. However, the duration of each run is best not to exercise less than 30 minutes, every day the best, if there are difficulties, can be one time every two days. Intermittent days over two days can not achieve so good effects. If sufficient time, the proposed stage of the afternoon to the evening running exercise, get up early and running is not very scientific exercise. You would better run before have supper, remember do not do exercise after dinner.
Long jogging training can make strong and thin legs. The methods of running to reduce weight are long-term exercise. Each continuous run time can not be less than 40 minutes, every day is better.
To runners, running at different speed will be better, that is, run slow first, and then speed up, keep the fast speed for some minutes. This can save time on preparatory activities. The fastest speed all depends on your healthy and body condition. Arm is usually a large extent in terms of a fast sprint, for jogging, arm just play a balancing role, and do not deliberately consider that.
If you want to participate in the marathon, it is recommended to participate in amateur training, you can find the training of PE teachers for guidance. The basis of the beginning of practice focuses on endurance training. Long time is better, about 70 to 90 minutes every time, first is to complete that, do not worry about the speed, do not give up and the speed is the later thing you would exercise.
When it is serious pollution, do not exercise outside, you may go to the exercise cub, if financial is not so good. You may wear masks. At the first beginning, it will not be comfortable, but later you will adapt to it.
Women should pay attention for their running exercise. When menstrual period comes, you may do slight exercise or activities. Some others may stick and keep running, but do not do the common practice, and better h ave a rest the next day.
Try to strengthen the running power. Once you have some endurance base, most simple way to increase the pace is mountain running. Regular exercise do great to daily running, make better running performance. Mountain runners can not only increase thigh strength, enhance coordination of legs, but also enhance the coordination of the brain. A greater role in aged runners. Studies show that elders bone density is more than who do not attend running exercises.
First of all, you do not have to do training in the mountains very steep. The ideal hill is one miles road hills, Mountain slope do not be too steep.
Pick the best running shoes for you. When are you going to start running exercise, one important thing is to understand their own feet, and then buy a pair of line with the characteristics of their feet running shoes. Only in the condition that you get comfortable shoes, you can stick to running and avoid injuries. Asics running shoes have the longest history, and the Nike and New Balance is also good choice.


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