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There are many types of shoes and each type is used for different purposes. Jogging shoes are supposed to be worn while jogging and hiking shoes are meant to be worn while hiking. Specifically, ecco gore tex hiking shoes are the ultimate in hiking comfort and safety.

The correct choices must be made when considering fit, material and durability of your hiking shoes. If care is not taken, your shoes could cause you pain from sores and blisters as well as damage your feet. Hiking shoes are more durable than regular shoes and are designed to withstand the punishments of a hiking trail.

The need for specific hiking shoes is not overrated because wearing any other type of footwear can lead to complications. In addition, hiking shoes are more lightweight than clunky hiking boots, which in turn provides a higher comfort level and easier maneuverability while hiking.

Hiking boots might have their place if you are going to be hiking in areas with ankle high puddles, but for your average hike, shoes will suit you much better. Some people might suggest that the boots protect more of your leg from sticks and nettles, but if you wear protective pants, then this issue is moot. Protective gear should always be worn on every hiking adventure and most of you skin should be covered at all times. This not only protects you from the elements, but also the insects.

Of course, the amount of money you are willing to spend on quality hiking gear is in direct relation to the quality of equipment you will get. You should research your options and purchase your gear well in advance of any hiking trip. This will allow you try out the items and break them in as necessary. Gore Tex hiking shoes are among some of the most expensive, but they are well worth it. The Gore Tex material protects your feet from the wet, but proper care of the material is required.

It should be noted that Gore Tex hiking shoes are available from many different name brand shoes. Typically, a shoe manufacturer will use the Gore Tex material in the construction of the shoe or boot. Name brands like Wolverine, Bates, and Vasque Clarion all sell products made with the Gore Tex material, so pricing can range greatly.

Hiking shoes should be checked for defects before proceeding on any trail. You should check for stitches that protrude or sharp corners that may dig into your leg while walking. Make sure the shoes have been worn in for at least two weeks before using them on the trail. This will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and allow you to avoid severe complications.

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