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When your outdoor adventure requires getting seriously wet, you need to have footwear which is capable of providing the additional protection that the environment calls for.

Underwater the density of the water increases the forces operating on the shoes, and any footwear which is not specifically designed for underwater movement is likely to tear or break after even short term use. If you are a water sports enthusiast it's best to invest in a pair of water shoes which are constructed to last and this means spending a little extra to buy top quality.

Most of the major outdoor performance footwear specialists offer a range of mens water shoes which incorporate the latest footwear technology to provide the maximum level of grip, support and protection for the feet. Whilst the top outdoor brands offer superior construction quality and are designed for a more aquatic life, there are important considerations when choosing the best pair for their likely use. The main areas for consideration are detailed below:


The surfaces and terrain underwater is slippery and when placing the feet. Men's water shoes need to feature a tread which is capable of expelling water to ensure the maximum traction. The soles of water shoes often feature sticky rubber, which helps to ensure excellent grip. Look for a model with multi-directional lugs on the sole to give excellent grip in underwater sand, mud and gravel. Deep razor sipped cuts in the sole serve to channel water away from the contact surface maximizing traction. When the foot is placed, water is forced into the channels and away from the contact surface, just the same as with car tires, for excellent grip in the wet. Choose a model with lugs, sipped soles and a chunky tread for all round grip underwater.

Protection for the feet

If you are going to spend a considerable amount of time in the water you are going to encounter unseen hazards which can cause painful stubbed toes or even worse. Choose a model which offers an additional degree of protection for the toes. Many models feature an enclosed toe box which will protect the ends of the toes, however most feature a low profile sole which is concave to offer a greater degree of protection for the feet.

Arch Support

Whilst geared to a more amphibious existence, you will need to wear the shoes on dry land too, and for getting to and from the water you need to be in comfort. Many models feature an anatomically molded sole. This gives the maximum support to the arches of the feet for maximum comfort. Since many water shoes for men are designed to be a hybrid between underwater footwear and standard sandals they can be worn for light hiking and every day wear as well as for sports, and to get the maximum usage and comfort they need to be supportive and offer a comfortable fit.

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