Why can't girls have enough shoes?

As we all know, girls are unquestionably a little more conscious with their get-up. Deciding the perfect outfit probable takes forever. We spend so much time matching our top, our bottoms, our shoes, our bags, and everything we put on that day. But of course, we dont wear the same color day after day, right? At this point, you probably have an idea why girls cant have enough shoes. Yes, exactly! Girls have the tendency to collect different colors of shoes to match the color of their outfit. Furthermore, one pair of shoes for a particular color is not enough for some girls, one pair of flats and a pair of pumps per color should suffice though. Most girls are shoes addicts; again, Im one of them! At times, we tend to be really strict on how much money we spend on some other things, but when it comes to shoes, sky is the limit. In the Philippines, the former first lady, Imelda Marcos, has become an icon for this. She has walls and walls of shoes that today they are displayed in a museum.

But, in times of crisis like today, how can we look fashionable without buying new shoes for an outfit? Well, here's a tip I've read from a magazine years back, match your bag with your shoes, then everything comes to place. Hence, by buying a set of shoes and bag, probably in the shades of black, white, or brown, you can wear them with different tops, bottoms and accessories. The question is, can girls have enough shoes-bag combinations? Well, let's see

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