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Nike Shoes cost accounting, calculate the price of Nike shoes, cheap - 300 yuan / double, than the current price drop of 25%. How to make the lower part of the price that consumers can obtain the pursuit of self-individuality, while maintaining the consumption demands of the middle class, catch up with the face of the Universal Declaration of Chinese companies, Nike, Adidas has come back. "If you spend 50, you are willing to change your mind for a pair of Nike shoes?" Nike cheap shoes, the news of the upcoming one, the capital market immediately responded: Li Ning, Anta, special steps, Olympic, China trends and other Chinese sports brand's share price drop as. June of this year, Nike fiscal 2010 conference call, Citigroup analyst once asked Nike Brand President Charlie Denson: Are there any plans to enter China's second and third tier cities? Denson responded that Nike does have plans to enter China's second and third and even fourth tier cities, and the introduction of lo w-end price NIKE series of different products, considering buying or introduce some other brands. Managing director of Adidas Greater China, Dubai Rui said, the hands will recover from the dealer the right to operate in those cities, personal control of the team to second and third line Adidas city's market, hoping to reduce prices to a "competition a serious blow to opponents. " Luo Erfu German students, although he gave his name Rolf carefully selected a translation of Chinese, but he can not change the depth of bone marrow that strict Germanic peoples - the basketball court on campus, students freely Team half-court basketball playing 3V3 name, the Luo Erfu still strictly implement the tactical discipline, does not play any live flowers, the most simple things by the book to find the score means.

Wholesale Nike Shoes product price adjustment itself is a marketing strategy, which directly determines the direction and goals of enterprise development. Because the price represents a value in itself, an identity and a sign, etc., are made in recent years most commercial war "price war" playing the. Therefore, the "price" is used as marketing "4P theory" the first! Long road full of marketing real experts also said: "Wuliangye Maotai price almost equal to" marketing strategy is right, compared with the traditional price-cutting strategy, Maotai no doubt taken the right strategy. "Spring Festival: From holiday gifts to the luxury, the Spring Festival is China's largest festival, the Chinese Spring Festival has been four thousand years of history. Is the Chinese people the most ceremonious traditional festival, but also a symbol of unity, prosperity, new hope for the future sustenance The holiday season is the most attractive cultural content and traditional festivals, is the most cohesive a festival, although with the progress of society, the accelerated pace of people's lives, this holiday is still not lost its original charm, it is still very attention to this holiday. holidays have gifts, gifts have to talk about wine, saying "no wine not a seat them!" in Chinese traditional culture, ritual ceremony, culture and governance implied in the heart has been dominated by the spirit. Rite Culture long history. ceremony originated in the primitive society of material exchange, the so-called: "Come not to, reciprocate," is the original meaning of ritual. Confucius ceremony rectification of names, not only inherited the gift as a function of humanity, but also to see to its inherent moral and ethical significance. the gift of sublimation as a social ideal, and implement and promote, the spirit of the so-called Reiji! In fact, the holiday gift-giving, one is reciprocity, walk around, communicate feelings; addition is for a purpose ... ....

Nike Shox Shoes to establish its own brand of trend. Currently, its own brand in foreign countries, especially Western countries are becoming more important. European market through a survey of all retail goods in 1980, 17% with its own brand in 1988, this proportion had risen to 23%, 27% in 1992, so far has risen to 40%. In China, the use of own-brand retailers to compete in the market is still very rare, awareness of own-brand retailers still in the exploratory stage fuzzy. Therefore, the establishment of its own brand of retail enterprises in China becomes more urgent. (C) of the retail enterprise to establish the role and significance of its own brand. With the retail industry to foreign investment in China continues to open up the retail industry more competitive, a large number of foreign retail markets its own brand beach. For example, the United States Wal-Mart, Marsh UK, Japan, Daiei, the famous large-scale retail enterprises are centuries wind and rain does not f all, to protect their own core competence of the brand has been an open secret. Therefore, China's retail enterprises to adapt to international trends, has its own brand, to be able to improve their competitiveness. Watson's own brand of problems, 1, lack of talent. With the acceleration of Chinese Localization Watson, Watson will be nearly a thousand for the country to recruit new employees, covering the various departments within the company, in this process, the human resources system of the chain is most likely to also be the first fracture occurs link. Therefore, the future development of China's retail industry extends to the sides, not only expand the market and occupation of the brand, breaking the shackles of the traditional business concept, full use of their good corporate image of the intangible assets, the implementation of its own brand strategy, in this situation, undoubtedly played its own part of the brand development and buffer the effect of decomposition a nd will cause us to make significant contribution to greater development in the future competition in the market in an invincible position.

Air max sneakers challenge facing enterprises is to further globalization of business, when, how to manage brand reputation. For example, when Google open in the United States and Western Europe markets business, we should stick to their creed would be easier, but in China, more stringent control of economies, the problem will be more difficult. As Asian companies outside of trying to develop in the local market, they face similar problems. For example, the Tata Group (Tata) is India's largest and most valuable brand, but in the West, the country's own brand image of the weak. In addition to IT services, many people see India as cheap source of low-quality goods and services. Tata how to overcome that image? One option is to follow the example of Sony (Sony), there is no national colors to create a global brand. However, this approach also has risks. India's Tata brand and its identity are linked. "Tata told the story of the story is about India," TCS chief executive of th e global beverage business Peter Unsworth (Peter Unsworth) said. For the Tata brand, cut off the link between the Indian identity, disadvantages far outweigh the benefits. So how companies can avoid these problems? Ba Weisi recommended a "back to basics" approach. He said that any successful brand has a key element, that is trust. Customers have to believe is true value of the brand, not just the business of public relations rhetoric. Tata brand in India to build on this foundation. India's Tata customers know the products and services always deliver. Maintaining trust is the key to maintaining the brand. "Our brand is a symbol of fair and equitable standards," Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata (Ratan Tata) said.

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