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I am most proud of is that I used to have over fifty pairs of Christian Louboutin Shoes, variety, colorful land full of my Shoes Shelf. Whenever a sunny afternoon, I will CL Shoes from the shoe to fall out, a pair of one pair placed on the steps in the compound, published their tongue cute, I will reveal the most silly smile, hand pairs touching the past, those who have gone through years of wearing them to show up very clearly: what was put on a rare double hit heavy rain; which was put on double-bolted to the school because of oversleeping and; which was put on track a dual Shoes guy a few blocks; ... ... Open my closet, my friends will find what I did not double Christian Louboutin Shoes are new, some 50 double-CL Shoes are often the old old, the very intimate to compact together. I like to see them look messy and old old, because the old old stuff always feels very warm. As I look at love, I love the warmth of the old old, I hate new love at first sight. So similar to the Shoes like the theory of love all my girlfriends to me as an idiot, I am also led to at least 18 years of age when the love is still a blank. Carrying more than fifty pairs of Shoes, I walked into the University. University in the beautiful clouds, beautiful feet shoes is blossom. Some of my girlfriends Dengzhe lady of Christian Louboutin High Heels, and some set of cool Christian Louboutin boots, holding their boyfriend appeared in the campus pond, the grass ... and I still did not reduce the Shoes in love, I still believe that shoes can give me a warm feeling of a boy appears. Short hair flying days later, I build, long hair, I started wearing Christian Louboutin Shoes alone every day to work, work, visiting the food market, shopping malls. Every sunny afternoon, I will move out of the shoe in that more than fifty pairs of shoes were placed neatly on the steps in the compound, looking cute they put out his tongue, I gently stroked the past, face the most silly smile , but that smile hides a sad than the original. Into the picture presented in front and his memories have come together: what has been put on double Shoes in the quarters downstairs waiting for him; which was put on a double and his travel; which was put into the last two-CL Shoes station to send him; ... ... Yes, only I know, I'm still waiting for him in this city, I and my Shoes with waiting for him. They all laughed my silly girlfriend, a old person why should this persist? The so-called love, not that such insistence it? Stick 'em into the new shoes every time, I would think that two-CL Shoes have become for a long time, so it is old, dirty, broken, do not forget it once and walked away, it lost it? Love, too, there will be less fresh and gratifying day, they would be tired, be tired, then will happily hand in hand together for a running jump for joy, love each other it? I hope one day he came back wearing Shoes, standing in front of me, rubbed my hair, said to me: "Le t me with you many, many pairs of worn CL Shoes okay?"

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