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Currently, blind competition among enterprises for shoes, shoe prices lead to lower and lower, margins are thin; shoe If you want to change this situation, do a direct way to operate the brand, product and brand does not improve the situation, the temporary price increase will inevitably reduce the competitiveness of enterprises. In order to avoid market risks, while maintaining the brand, many companies only use the second brand, as a corporate strategic brands, to avoid fierce competition, full import of modern brand management system, improve the technological content of products, raise prices. The way to walking on two legs, build brand operating system, and gradually get rid of more products to sell more, the plight of lower and lower profits. Twelfth China (Jinjiang) International Shoe Fair has just ended, field force to bring to attend the FIFA event attracted much media attention. The world economy began in 2010 out of the haze crisis, the World Cup held in South A frica soon, field force and the cooperation of FIFA is very timely, both sides will be a brand, product, channel, all-round cooperation in such areas as the market for the majority of football fans in China FIFA FIFA official product, the popular culture of the world's authentic display of football in front of everybody. This collaboration not only proved that power continuously across the field, chasing an industry-leading approach, a more important strategic significance: First of all, campaign for fashion products with style, with the alliance to make Field Force FIFA sports fashion brand more distinctive personality, learning FIFA reference product R & D, help Wild edge in the highly competitive sporting goods market breakthrough; Secondly, as a strategic alliance, opposition forces will be used exclusively in all products authorized by the official FIFA logo, which will undoubtedly greatly enhance the ability of wild products competitiveness and differentiation; again, wild force is positioned second and third line market, while FIFA is positioning high-end market, the two complement each other to form a complementary role in helping to improve the field force of the market, dominate the market channel. And not only is the occupation of the domestic market benefit from dual-brand strategy, international markets are also important. Anta in the country are leading position, and to have a seat at the international position is not easy. So Anta to think globally, they must buy an overseas brand, into a world brand, global radiation; to "Anta" brand layout Asia-Pacific, and slowly penetrate the Western market. The acquisition of a foreign brand, easy access to overseas consumers recognized the rapid expansion of international markets. Thus, Anta in August 2009 from the Belle International purchased the "FILA". FILA has nearly a hundred years of history, is the forefront of the world's top sports brands, product lines, including tennis, running, fitness, golf, yoga and other sports series, unique style, elegant temperament and quality products, it has a fairly in the global influence. As the FILA brand building excellence and elegant design, it was a "representative of the art, luxury model" of praise. Well-known professional brands, many of praise, good quality, design and let the FILA-selling novel of France, Rome, the United States and Japan more than 30 countries. FILA is the world's leading sportswear brand, targeted at high-end market segments, for the ANTA provides high-end market in China to expand opportunities to achieve complementarity. In addition, FILA brand in the international science and technology research and development has obvious advantages but the main advantage of Anta was concentrated in the supply chain management and terminal sales and so on, Anta, after the acquisition FILA beneficial to enhance their competitiveness, China will accelerate into high-end sporting goods market. Another stra tegic role, the enterprise strength, size are rapidly upgrading beyond the relatively short time become the first brand Li Ning, and narrow the gap with the world's leading companies. Can be said that the "double-brand" or "multi-brand" strategy of the Patriarchs is the old man oldest sports brands - Nike. In order to diversify in 2003, Nike spent more than 300 million U.S. dollars to buy the brand Converse century, and that this investment has paid off immediately. As of 2004, Nike's "non-Nike" brand sales increased to 430 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 64%, which accounted for three quarters, sales of Converse. Nike's total revenue over the same period was 36 billion U.S. dollars, up 18%, and 4 percent contribution from Converse. Trade magazine "Sports Information", publisher John Holland said: "Converse's acquisition will bring more acquisitions, nothing else, because this is the road to growth." Yes, "no other, because this is the road to growth." "Dual-brand strat egy" can make up for "single brand" is not related to the level that they not export-oriented shoe feasibility of transfer of a strong domestic strategy.

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