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The Marc Jacobs brand of fashion is famous throughout both the fashion world and the world-at-large for its daring shoes and designs. Marc Jacobs shoes and fashions exude a higher elegance and sophistication that never ceases to stun and amaze chic women and men everywhere. Marc Jacobs shoes, Marc Jacobs boots, and Marc Jacobs clothing shine brilliantly, striking its spectators with a sense of overwhelming beauty and awe-inspiring wonder. Both the Marc Jacobs collection and the more affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs line are coveted by modern women with a high sensibility for fashion.

The Marc Jacobs brand sets trends and pushes boundaries in the fashion world. And there are few designers who know more about pushing boundaries than the famous-and infamous-Marc Jacobs, the founder and namesake of the Marc Jacobs brand.

Although he was raised in New Jersey, Marc Jacobs was actually born in New York City on April 9, 1963. But the magnetic lifestyle and fashion scene of New York eventually pulled him back. Marc Jacobs attended the New York High School of Art and Design before graduating to The New School in New York City, where he studied at the Parsons New School for Design. It's there that a young Marc Jacobs received a number of prestigious awards including the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, the Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and the Design Student of the Year Award, all in 1984.

Even as Marc Jacobs launched the Marc Jacobs line in 1986 to great acclaim, he continued to work at Perry Ellis for several years. Then in the early 1990s, Jacobs made a splash in the fashion scene when he designed a "grunge" collection for Perry Ellis. This "grunge" look made waves throughout the fashion world and his subsequent dismissal from Perry Ellis only served to catapult him higher into the status of legend.

In the following years, Marc Jacobs would continue his work, strengthening the appeal of the Marc Jacobs brand and even launching a second collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs, to make his high fashion styles more affordable. The company would spread its influence around the globe, opening its first Marc Jacobs store in New York and spreading to Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, and more. There are now more than 100 Marc Jacobs stores around the world. Marc Jacobs himself now also serves as the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, where he has worked with the likes of Takashi Murakami and Kanye West.

But no matter where he goes, controversy still follows Marc Jacobs. Years after introducing his Marc by Marc Jacobs line-a line which borrows from past fashions and updates them for the modern world-critics have accused Marc Jacobs of being a mere copyist. And in 2008, he was even accused of plagiarism after a scarf from his collection was revealed to have had the exact same design as another scarf from the 1950s by a Swedish designer. Marc Jacobs settled the issue shortly after with monetary compensation to the son of the Swedish designer.

Most recently, Marc Jacobs made headlines with one of his shirts in 2009. Marc Jacobs, who is openly gay, launched a shirt that demanded the legalization of gay marriage. He himself is currently married to advertising executive and longtime boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone.

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