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Recently, I read an article said about football shoes are the problem of football injury. I was very upset about this bad news. Even they tried to explain the real murderer of football injury, I still unbelieve. For the long period of development of football shoes, it is unconvincing remarks. Just one article will oblierate the new technology football shoes.

Ever since Adi Dassler made his first pair of Adidas Football Shoes has been at the forefront of football. As players' skills have evolved and as competitiveness thrived, Adidas have adapted to the changing game with highly innovative products. From 1920, Adidas Dassler makes his first "handmade" sports shoes in his mother's 20 square metre washroom in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is more than 80 years for football shoes become perfect. Does not deny that factors of football shoes can create football injury, but it just one factor. For a football game, too many uncertainties happened in both camps.

When reading the article, I impressed in the idea One DMP said. One DPM believes football shoes have improved in recent years as there are more sizes and more choices for athletes. However, other podiatrists cite potential problems with football shoes. One podiatrist says there has been a trend toward lower profile, lower bulk shoes that are more streamlined and anatomical but the increased torque with these shoes may facilitate too much flexibility. "You can twist these shoes like a piece of licorice,"he says. On the other hand, he says, you have shoes that are too rigid. He says there needs to be more middle ground between the two extremes. I agreeed with him. In 21th century, football shoes has translated into new technology shoes. Just like Nike Soccer Shoes-Mercurial Vapor.

Nike football shoes employ special shoe technologies within the manufacturing of each shoe. This term "technology" may sound loaded where footwear is considered, but it is not that far fetched when you consider what goes into the design of a humble shoe. The Nike Mercurial Vapor is crafted from synthetic leather which allows for more breathability than genuine leather. The toe box is especially quilted for comfort and a breathable quarter-panel is included within the design to keep the feet of the wearer cool and dry. Poron inserts, performance sockliners, and TPU Speed TD outsole are all terms that outline this superior product. The fit and feel of the shoe will justify the elaborate lingo that is attached to the image of this football shoe. Lateral wraps, "revolutionary" TPU/Pebax" materials, and the Nike Vapor TD pattern are all features of this superior cleat that is geared to create stable traction and provide excellent ankle support. According to the official Nike s tore, this shoe is "Marshall Faulk's shoe of choice" and it is "designed for the serious football player".

Even another DPM who frequently lectures on sports medicine topics says the last for football shoes may not be wide enough to accommodate players' feet. He says the plastic outsole that is cupped around the midfoot may cut into the foot sometimes and possibly predispose an athlete to a Jones or proximal-lateral metatarsal fracture. Some Football Shoes - such as those with longer, irregular shoes at the peripheral margin of the sole with small pointed cleats in the middle of the sole - produce more torsional resistance, which may increase the risk of knee injuries. This is the phenomenon does exist. However, it is also can control by football players themselves-just find the right size for football game. It is really important to consider shoe style, shoes types, shoe materials. All of these factors you should take into consideration, so that you can reduce the probalility of injure.

For purchasing products, you should take care of the health of yourself, it is the most important thing for a football player to consideration. FIFA also should specific specification of football shoes so that customers can buy products more reassurance.

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