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Fashion is a very capricious thing and what canbe fashionable today will become out-of-fashion tomorrow but when itcomes to platformshoes, it is a whole different kettle of fish. Platform shoescomes in many styles and designs so it is not so easily relegated to thebacks of closets. It is an alternative high heel shoes, like stilettosand would not be so easily dismissed. Not when it can make a fashionstatement when worn with the right outfit. Shoes are one accessory wecould afford to be fussy about when choosing a pair for an importantoccasion or even just for casual wear.When we talk about casualwear, nothing can be more casual than the Pleaserslide platform shoes that are easy to slide on and just as easy toslide off. Best of all, this type of shoe can be a combination ofplatform and stiletto just like Pleaser's Women's Delight 601FL slidesandal. The sandal has a platform heel and yet features a sexy pointedstiletto heel. 'The front platform has a rise of 1 3/4 inch to ba lanceit out and this sexy little casual wear also comes in colors to suityour mood. You want something ultra feminine, get a pair in combinationof clear and baby pink flowers. Want something more eye catching? Thenget the one with hot pink or the one with red flowers. Of course, thereis also a more classic color of white flowers.For the rainydays, you can also don a pair of silverwaterproof platform shoes that will not get your feet wet. What'smore desirable than a pair of beautiful tall boots in suede and leatherlike Cole Haan Women's Air Caprice Shearling. This pair of absolutelyenvy-inspiring stylish boots is of a vibrant design. It boasts ofintricately neat stitching with chic patent accents while being suitableto wear for any season. It also uses Nike Air technology to give yourfeet cushioning and support for the ultimate pampering. It has a 3 1/3inch patent-wrapped wedge heel with a raised front platform. You caneven wear it for long periods of time because of the flex ible rubbersole.If you are not into boots, you can also take a strollwearing redleather flats platform shoes. Red may be a traffic-stopping colorbut it is its very striking ability that makes it a great color to wear.After all, always wearing black or brown or white shoes can be prettyboring. You can add a spring to your steps with Spring Step's Dawn thathas a rich leather upper layer and an adjustable oversized buckle. Itsmoisture-wicking and leather-covered footbed is padded and contoured forextra comfort and the 2 1/4 inch heel with a 1 inch platform is made oflightweight and durable polyurethane so that you won't even feel likeyou are wearing a pair of shoes.One other brand you can try outis the Pelleplatform shoe range. Pelle Moda do have some sexy pieces you willlove. That's not all, some of their footwear are so comfortable, yourfeet will thank you for it! Pelle's Karena Black Baby Calf is a sexypair of high heels with a 1 inch covered platform and a 4 inch blockheel. It is made of soft black leather and has a metal cage detailthroughout the shoe and featured silver studs and circles too. Teamedwith jeans, you are ready to take on the world with this on your feet!Whatever your choice, do remember that platform shoes are here to stayand it is time you get a pair for yourself, if you have not already.Viewmore Women's Shoes

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