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A strong trend in fashion is always on the horizon. Fashion is always sampling things from the past. A few years ago the seventies fashion was back in style. Now, this season is the forties style. Old celebrity's glamour will be coming soon; big name designers are always sampling fashion from the past and mixing it with new ideas.

History of fashionThe first fashion designer, Charles Frederick, who started fashion house, was from Paris. His designers were unknown to us but their creations were that of the royal court. His influence grew so large that he could dictate fashion trends. Other fashion designers started to emulate his style and began to hire artiste to produce fake garments instead of producing actual garments in the workroom. Interestingly, the fake garments, that was sketched and painted, became popular with clients. This, however, was due to the fact that, the garments were offered at a cheaper price than a genuine one. Designers also started to sketch garments in the style the customer desired.

The emergence of high fashion began in Paris, during the twentieth century. Through which, created opportunities for editors, from fashion magazines, to visit Paris fashion shows. And also, department store alike attended the show to purchases garments for reproduction. This began a proliferation in department stores that specialized in made-to-measure and ready-to-wear garments across the country. Not only the stores were doing well but the fashion magazines became a worldwide phenomenon, due to its rich content on the latest fashion.

Fashion designers from ParisParis being the mother of fashion, and you would no doubt expect that the big names in fashion would have come from the city. And indeed that is where most of the popular fashion designers came from. Name such as Louis Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior are just few of the big names in fashion from Paris. When you mention Louis Vuitton name, you are talking ladies shoes. Louis Vuitton fashion house was found in 1854, and it has grown to become an international fashion house.

Louis Vuitton shoes are popular with women because of its personalised touch in its shoes and the distinguishable trade signature label, LV monogram. This signature label is on most of Louis Vuitton products, such as, shoes, handbags, trunk, jewelleries and other accessories.

Another big French name in fashion is Christian Dior. He was a popular French designer who started one of the world-class fashion houses in his name. His passion was creating shapes and silhouettes.

Jean-Paul Gaultier is an influential name in the fashion world, to which he is a French haute couture fashion designer. The term haute couture is reserved for persons with exquisite taste in fashion, and who are looking for exclusive custom fitted clothing before they are made. These designers are mostly employed by the elites in society. Jean-Paul Gaultier is a trend setter in the fashion world, in which, he created the cone bra for Madonna's 1990s tour, and In addition to, designing her entire wardrobe for her 2006 tour.

Fashion Designers outside of ParisOutside of Paris top-notch fashion designers, come an Italian fashion designer named Gianni Versace, who had made a huge impact in the world of fashion. He founded the Versace Group, which specialised in designing, marketing and distributing luxury clothing, accessories, fragrances, makeup and home furnishings. The most member able time in the history of Versace, which took media centre stage, is the "Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley" this catapulted the Versace brand to international stardom.

Tommy Hilfiger is another big name in the world of fashion. His focus is on his signature menswear collection, to which he was honored, the menswear designer of the year, by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1995. Tommy Hilfiger has grown the brand to international appeal. Today, the Tommy Hilfiger brand is owned by Phillips-Van Heusen, owner of the Calvin Klein brand.

In Concluding, the fashion world will remain dynamic from those fashion designers who can show case their creative talent to the fashion world. And who is capable of sparking a flurry of interest in their design, to become the next big name in the fashion world.

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