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HC shoe net January 11 Jiaojiang Hung family have a hearing Shoe Shop to launch a love action, long-term production of shoes for the disabled free of charge, this is a good piece of enthusiastic, but the activities launched nearly two years to store custom shoes to the study. Why do love activities will suffer cold, recently, we found Hsing South Road, located in Hong Jiazhen this shoe, which find out. Love is not a whim

action The name of this shoe store is called "10000 Leisure Mall" in the shoe store's glass window, the close to the "long-term action to free love" message. It is reported that this shoe store opened nearly two years now, the boss He Yongfu Bridge man is.

Reporter went to the store, He Yongfu not, his wife, Ms. Wang told reporters that the event is not the whims of love, "his former barber shop to open when the hair is not for people with disabilities collect the money. "she said, her husband has always been a very kind person, love to help others, the disabled, especially concerned about the.

Wang remembers, shop at the beginning, she did not pay attention to store has such a caring activities until there is one, a handicapped person to the store asked, she found, the window in such a word. "I stared at that time, customers who do not understand the meaning, and then called my husband, my husband called me to look at the customer foot traffic, waiting for him to come back can do."

It is understood that He Yongfu child learned to make shoes, and his house has the tools to make shoes, as long as disabled persons home to find him shoes, he would personally start, and strive to do fit. "Sometimes ordinary shoes will not fit the feet of the disabled, but there is no corresponding die shop, he would go with a shoe measurement data out to do." Ms. Wang said.

More partial shop, awareness is not enoughAlthough the activities of love in people appears to be a very good move, but the door has been carried out but few people do shoes. Ms. Wang said that the nearly two years, the store made a total of only two pairs of shoes. "Only to the two custom shoes of people love."

Later, I connected the phone He Yongfu, few people talk about custom shoes because, he thought, probably because more partial shop, located in the revitalization of the junction of South Road leading to the suburbs, many people do not know there is such a shoe store, visibility is not enough. Ms. Wang said they originally intended to store moved to downtown. But Heyong Fu said he did not intend to drop the shop. He told reporters that the activities of the love he and his co engaged in the purchase of the factory, the factory is more to support him.

He said, should focus more on the lives of people with disabilities, particularly those living in the vicinity of the disabled, when they need a helping hand and contribute to their love.

Love to continue to consult with the manufacturersAs custom home who love shoes too small, this activity also gradually been forgotten. Ms. Wang said, the store materials are relatively complete, as long as people love to customize the shoes at any time can start production. She also told the author that, regardless of who the bad shoes, and he husband will fix its free.

He Yongfu said they shop, what kind of shoes can do, but then the loving action to continue, gain and Cooperation Consult factory. Need to customize friends love shoes, can go to Hongjia Zhen Xing South Road, "10 000 leisure firm" with him.

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