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Nike Air Jordan for the sake of it, as in respect of overlooking." Enhance the brand's business needs over many years, and prices need to enhance the market for a long time to digest; but will have to reverse the change much simpler, no consumer will object to get quality and cheap products - one of UBS analytical reports that come from Nike, Adidas brand and product quality, attractive, can make consumers more spending 50 yuan, which is "to spend 50 yuan will be able to buy a pair of Nike shoes" idea, likely to be driven by those who now buy Li Ning, Anta and other domestic sports shoes brand consumers first faithless. Sports apparel consumption is roughly the main group of young people aged around 16-35. In the first-tier cities, this group has a more rich and mature brand recognition capabilities. In the second and third tier cities, the young consumers of a brand recognized around more people will be affected, but the pursuit of individuality will leave the imprint of the traditional concept of consumption. Spending power compared to first-tier cities, how they get a lower price for the value of the concept of identity, the consumer groups to win recognition in one direction. Zhi-Hua Xu Peak CEO of Nike has kindly reminded, "If the change in brand positioning, more harm than good." However, Adidas and Nike, this change in brand positioning what is a "sink" or a "return"? A little somewhat ironic thing is, in China's domestic brands Nike and Adidas as an example, continuously improve its product positioning, the Nike and Adidas in the U.S. and European markets are doing the same thing.

Air Jordan Shoes dream of a century, affect the 1.3 billion Chinese people's heart. The world's largest and most sacred sporting event held in China, is a whole century of the Chinese people look forward to! Is wine country and other high-end liquor Maotai golden opportunity, from the national market to the global brand marketing opportunities. Maotai as one of three world famous, and the French cognac, Scotch Britain tied for the world's three major distilled spirits. China Daqu the originator of Maotai liquor is brewed by the magical wisdom to improve the beam of the fine, take the soul of wheat, Aura mining world, to capture special environment irreplaceable microbial fermentation, blend, and a distillation arched wine culture monument. Maotai long, it contains the history, as early as 135 BC, the ancient town on the spawn of dependency Maotai to Han, "the sweet" of citrate wine sauce, famous the world. Maotai is really known to the world the United States in 1915 held to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, and get Medal of Honor. Legend Expo begins, not many visitors pay attention to China's booth, then head smashes the bottle stalls, wine spread throughout the venue, had provoked the visitors attention, so I finally have a chance of winning. Maotai Panama Pacific International Exposition gold medal won after the world-renowned. Has won the gold medal after the founding of the International thereupon, Maotai are often treated as "national ceremony" was presented to foreign leaders Chinese leaders. Maotai ancient and unique production process, it inherits the essence of ancient brewing process, flashing brilliance of modern science and technology, craft brewing Maotai been listed as "state-level intangible cultural heritage."

Air Jordan Sneakers crisis. Retail corruption occurs mainly in the procurement and into the store link, due to supplier procurement processes for retailers. Watson's business in China, management system, the terminal stores all over the store manager is essentially no real power, in business communication with suppliers, the purchasing managers decided to have a direct supplier of goods into the store's business performance and business the right conditions. 4, the brand's overdraft. Has been derived from Watson's own brand development and store expansion plans, is considered the most important Chinese Watson currently two core tasks. Watson's own-brand sales of goods account for a 21% market share. Watson further study in its own brand marketing strategy, not difficult to find Watson in the development of own-brand stores selling mainly on the potential of new products and target focus. Especially when the market potential for new in-store performance and data analysis sh owed a growth point, the Watson generic varieties will immediately follow. And it is such a radical brand of its own incubator, will result in an overdraft Watson and crisis facing the brand. The retail industry is a steady, rapid pace that, while in the process of development is bound to encounter fierce commercial competition, the profit margins and sales space will be an unprecedented squeeze. Own-brand strategy is the commercial retail business in order to highlight its own image, to maintain competitive position, full use of their intangible assets and taken a competitive strategy, with its own brand in addition to access to distribution of profits, but also enhance the brand can be obtained the additional interest; balance the development of well-known brands, or re-distribution of market share and to achieve re-distribution of profits. Through the redistribution of profits, an overall improvement in retail profits of the environment, to achieve long-term development a nd the purpose of a virtuous circle.

Reebok shoes rise of social media will amplify this effect. founder of the site Adams (Reinier Evers), said the rise of micro-blogging site Twitter, enable enterprises to monitor people's comments on them, but also help them to actively interact with consumers. "Many companies that they can not afford to have two people devoted to monitoring and participating in the network reviews, but that is the business we need to do, "he said. "They need to adhere to engage in dialogue, so as not to major accidents." Most importantly, the brand needs a CEO to act as defenders. "Experience shows that if the leader does not personally involved, would greatly reduce the chances of success," Carroll said. For example, in Apple, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) is defined in the brand and the defenders. Google's popularity to its image can withstand the attack? To repair the people's awareness, need a step by step effort. More importantly, the warning signal clear: Google and othe r global companies can not always rely on past reputation as a forward. As the Open Internet Coalition (Open Internet Coalition) - Google is this a member of industry trade organizations - Markham Erickson, executive director (Markham Erickson) said: "When you get old, no longer cute . ".

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