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NIKE detail, there is the most popular 2009 full-length cushion it, lunar science and technology, Wang retro Nike running shoes, Nike training shoes barefoot series.

Nike running shoes this year, series began walking in from the retro route, first to classic style into the new stage, in turn AIRMAX90 series of push-based play. has not actually stalled, today as we offer the use of a special skill of Nike Free 3.0 V3, to create a new era of authentication.

2009 a major feature is the use of today's most fiery flywire technology, Nike lightweight materials will be applied to most of the upper, the weight to the theoretical limit. And continue to follow the full foot cushion, foot dare to give great comfort and visual impact. In the use of new technology at the same time, as well as retaining the traditional body of the shoe itself design lines, new technology and old traditions in the collision, while the new Nike calibration standards. Hope it will be better, like in the future can become a classic.

2009 New Nike 90 Nike new technology is a collection of shoes, the most light using the NIKE shoes,97 with a full charge of air, with the latest improved version of the Flywire technology, can be said that the new 2009 section Nike is very high-tech.

In recent years, Nike Free Run+ shoes air max 360 with the launch, air max the nike ace family also gave up the years named. But this change has not been recognized by fans shoes, air max 360 generations of market performance can only be said to be unsatisfactory. Nike has finally decided to enter the 2009 revival of traditional names, launched a revival of hope carrying Nike 2009 +, not only followed the 360 air, but the introduction of the most popular flywire technology and nike plus, for the long silence of the air max Nike family brings new atmosphere gratifying.

Nike in the timeless classic, though, it is undeniable 1's pursuit of a comfortable cushion in some people's minds has been a bit out of date. Therefore, the Nike on the basis of the introduction of many new Nike of products, mainly popular with, powerwall so resistant grams running shoes. One must mention that, can be said is really on the footwear has been on the return as a cultural shoes, because the appearance of and the appearance of echoes . At the same time increasing the AM90 and the thickening of the air cushion, widened soles, played a better stabilization effect. It can be said, They is like a father and son!

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