Bridal Sandals – A Stylish Alternative to Traditional Wedding Shoes

Shopping for bridal shoes can be (and should be) fun!

Bridal Sandals are as popular as ever and a stylish alternative to the traditional wedding shoe for today's modern bride.

For many brides, looking for that perfect pair of comfortable bridal sandals to compliment the wedding dress is of primary importance.

Luckily, there are many great options for bridal sandals including Dyeable Sandals, clear sandals, flat bridal sandals, bridal wedge sandals, ivory bridal sandals, white bridal sandals, low heel bridal sandals and bridal sandals with high heels.

For brides looking to be a little different, dyeable bridal sandals are a great way to experiment with color.

Dyeable bridal sandals can be custom dyed to match any color of your choosing for the big day and then re-dyed later on to compliment your normal wardrobe.

Dyeable sandals are available at most bridal shoe stores and provide many great options for soon-to-be brides looking for the perfect bridal shoe.

Today many women also shop for bridal sandals online where the options are even greater for finding hard to fit sizes, different heel heights and hard to find wide width bridal sandals.
Shopping online allows you to comparison shop on everything from available colors and sizes to pricing.

A formal wedding may warrant a more elegant bridal sandal. For this type of event, formal sandals for women often feature more bling such as glitter, jewels, rhinestones, sequins or crystals.

One can also choose designer bridal sandals such as Angela Nuran bridal sandals and Benjamin Adams bridal sandals that offer prestige and class.

Each style of bridal sandal seems to have a particular purpose.

Strappy bridal sandals provide a good, snug fit and show off the foot and painted toes.

High wedge bridal sandals are often chosen as a stylish alternative to formal sandals. Brides often have wedge sandals as a backup wedding sandal that can be slipped into as comfortable sandals for the reception.

The high wedge also keeps the wedding dress from dragging across the floor.

A flat bridal sand al gets as close to being barefoot without actually being barefoot. Many brides choose flat bridal sandals to match their casual wedding dress or relaxed atmosphere.

Despite the style, all bridal sandals can range from casual to formal based on their color and dcor.

Casual sandals often feature low heels, little to no rhinestones and simple coloring. Women often find ways to convert their casual bridal sandals into sandals that can be worn to other special events, or even on a daily basis.

For casual weddings that take place near the ocean, choose bridal beach sandals. They are easy to walk through the sand in or to kick off in order to test the temperature of the water.

A fairytale wedding may feature Cinderella like clear sandals. A beautiful ivory dress may be perfectly paired with Ivory Sandals. Of course, the traditional white bridal sandal is always worth considering.

Matching the bridal sandals to your wardro be is important yet creating a unique, composed look is easy with so many material and color selections.

For brides attempting to save on wedding costs, discount bridal sandals can be purchased without compromising on style or comfort.

While bridal sandals may seem important to a bride, they can be equally as important to the bridesmaids. Not unlike regular shoes, not all bridal sandals will fit all women the same.

As a bride, you should aim to select bridal sandals that are stylish, compliment the bridesmaid dresses and deliver on ultimate comfort. Remember, your bridesmaids will spend just as much time on their feet as you, if not more.

Finding bridal sandals that are the perfect fit can be the difference between dancing the night away and asking for a foot rub even before the event is over.


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  1. I'd rather prefer high heeled sandals. It is very difficult to choose the perfect sandals for a wedding that would compliment the gown.