How to buy a pair of vintage wedding shoes for cheap online - Shopping

The wedding shoes have to both accent your gown along with provide comfort through what is going to become quite a long but certainly memorable day. Remember you will be in the vintage shoes from very early in the morning to last thing at night. And no new bride should be in cramped shoes when she should be focusing on her brand new husband and all of the guests!

As far as wedding day accessories go, possibly the toughest choice for any bride to make is her wedding shoes. That naturally comes in second only to the decision of a wedding gown. They can enhance your whole outfit, regardless of if it is quite classic or out of the box. Trends are always changing, and as that happens, what is outdated becomes new again. One of the most recent, cool trends that's popular with hollywood is buying a pair of vintage wedding shoes for that important, and memorable day. Some vintage wedding shoes could be a great option, because the style and material will accent most wedding dresses, especially the gowns that are quite a bit more conventional gowns, and are now available in a large choice of heights and styles to give total comfort for any new bride.

Now of course there are lots of styles of wedding heels, taking in heel heights, toe styles, fabric and colors, and all of these options must be very carefully considered. Materials can range from satin to crepe. And most of these are now available in a large variety of colors and styles. Do not be scared to play around with with different colors other then white either. Silk heels work rather well with shiny dresses, crepe with matt type dresses and, obviously, lace pumps with a lace dress is the best choice.

Decide on a shoe style and open or closed toe design that can both accent your wedding dress as well as keep you you relaxed. As long as you are used to having on a bit flatter heel, decide on a flatter shoe. Little accents on your chosen wedding shoe might add that extra little bit of class. So consider beads on the shoes if the dress is sparkly or sequined, as crystal pumps usually go well with dresses featuring lace accents. Let's say your gown has red accents, maybe try a contrasting pump to try bring it out. Or how about matching the color of your heels to the colour of your bridesmaids' dresses? You can even make your pumps be the something blue in your wedding.

In addition to when you go in for that final wedding gown appointment, Don't forget your vintage shoes. Any further changes to the shoe height might leave the height of the gown far too long or too short for you. Actually, it will be way better if you can bring your chosen pumps for each appointment, from first to last. Yet another smart trick, that we've now learned from some experience is that if you score the wedding shoes well ahead of time, then be sure to wear them for at least a couple of weeks before your big day comes. Why bother? Knowing that you'll be able to break them in a bit, well before your wedding has come. That'll get you quite a big feeling of being laid back, when that special day actually comes.

You need to also consider the type of wedding ceremony that you are having. The typical day wedding ceremony will be wearing a vintage heel, whilst a glamorous night wedding would allow you to sport strappy flip flops or the like. If you are planning a beach wedding ceremony, pumps are definitely a no go, pick a flat shoe design. Are you getting wed in the spring? If your answer is yes, then any open toe look will be just fine. Getting married in the winter months, then you will want a closed toe design to keep your feet warm. Again, though both styles are an option in most vintage wedding shoes.

Finally, if you're wondering if purchasing an unique set of real vintage wedding shoes is out of the question, or if they just are too expensive for your wedding, don't forget that you can always purchase online. Most brides that buy on the web wind up saving more then forty percent off what they would have spent, if they had bought by retail. So fire up your computer and get surfing. A recent survey has shown that on the typical wedding ceremony, you can save around fifteen hundred dollars, simply by finding everything that you need on the web.

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