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How to Select Shoes to Wear With Your Wedding Dress

Although a wedding gown is one of the most important and memorable items of clothing a woman will purchase, its only worn once. After the big day is over, a bride is most likely going to shove her dress in a closet or an attic. Instead of stashing your dress away and hoping that maybe one day a family member will wear it, help others by donating your wedding gown to a charity. Women who otherwise could not afford a beautiful gown can purchase yours, and the donation is tax deductible as well.Choose the location for the display. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dress and out of the way enough to keep the dress safe from party guests' spills and crumbs. A corner of a an apartment, a pretty chair, chest or piano bench are all possibilities.Drape the wedding dress on a chair, table, chest or bench in the spot where it will be displayed. Make sure it will stay in place by having portions of the dress lie flat. The dress could also be artfully displayed from a coa t rack with a secure hanger and draped with the veil. Arrange the veil, shoes, string of pearls, silk bouquet and wedding photos as desired around the dress.Walk down the aisle in style and comfort with the right shoes. You've got many options for standing at the altar, greeting your guests and dancing the night away.1Consider the fabric of your dress. Match silk and satin gowns to satin shoes, and match tulle and silk chiffon gowns to crepe or raw-silk shoes.

2Select embellishments that match your dress and headpiece. Pair jewels with rhinestones and beads with pearls.

3Evaluate the color of your dress in a light similar to that of the ceremony and reception. If possible, take your dress into the indoor/outdoor, day/evening lighting that you anticipate at your wedding.

4Think about a style of shoe that complements the dress and your own personal style. Sandals, slippers, pumps or strappy heels are all viable options.

5Consider heel heights: slippers, flat heel, midheel or high heel. Decide whether you need to maximize or minimize your height to complement that of your fianc.

6Try shoes on with your actual dress if possible. Evaluate how the dress hangs in proportion to the shoes, if you can see the shoes at all.

7Buy comfortable shoes. You'll be standing and dancing in them for a long time.

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