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In 1989 the first round of the fifth The late 1980s Cavalier team Brad

Doughty, Prince, Nance and the "hot stick" Williams as the core, was

the most potential one team. Wilkens in the legendary coach of the set,

the 1988-1989 season the best team record of 57 wins, 25 negative.

Jordan led the Bulls are very young, that is, Will be entering a

golden period of the 1990s, regular season record of 47 wins 35

negative, so have the home advantage Cavalier. Before Four battle each

other each of the two sides of a broken home, two more than the second

draw. Even comic books are not the classic Cavalier Jordan hit

one so dramatic. Fifth returned to the Cleveland, which is one the two

teams must battle of life and death, battle to the last minute, the

Bulls backward 1 minute, the ball is right in public Cattle hands, the

Bulls will serve the bottom line. Jordan left the scene in Akira Akira

right off the right side of the ball after a defensive player,

legislative Carved into the penalty area left the vicinity of up

jumper. At that time, Cavalier are responsible for defense, he has been

Slavishly followed Jordan and an attempt to jump capping, but "Fast

Runner" show a striking can Edge, until after the ball has been

missing out, the ball go after the network end of the race. Bulls 101,

100 inverse To advance. cheap nike shoes The ball was in Chicago and Cleveland fans known as


"TheShot", broadcast on television a hundred times over. Although only

one shot in mind, it changed the future direction of two teams: the

Bulls reach the Eastern finals, lost to time Champion Pistons; Two

years later, the Bulls won the first championship and began a Bulls

dynasty; and then Cavalier Devastated.

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