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Nike dunks is hoped that from an early age Anta the loyalty of consumers. For these rumors, Ding Zhizhong not be denied. "Korean people to use their own brand of national pride, in this respect, their children's education, but also from childhood. We should not only advocate this, we should also see this market space." Last year in November , State Sports General Administration approved the establishment of the national sports industry in Jinjiang base, Ding Zhizhong is constantly thinking.

Cheap nike sb advantages and mass advantages: who has an industrial added value accounted for 18.4% of employees accounted for 25.26%; a national sports brand 37; 3 years CCTV and local TV ads 45.91 billion; 3 years sponsored national sporting events and national sports teams 1.821 billion yuan, sports stars employ 76 people; established CBA club the only county-level units; sporting goods and sports concept of listed companies 3, prepared listing the 6 12 first in the country.

Nike blazers not made in Kunshan, China Merchants is their next target. This development in Jinjiang a very useful reference base for the national significance of the sports industry! "said Ding Zhizhong, Jinjiang other hand, we have a number of industry chain is not complete? industrial base as a national sport, is not some large international sporting events and domestic events can introduce grading Jinjiang? how to promote the brand within the region become an international brand? these, not only the efforts of the local government of Jinjiang, also needs the strong support of national policy.

Cheap nike shox of June 30 this year, inventories are still troubled by Adidas, Adidas Greater China, first half sales of 403 million euros, down 16%, Adidas performance of the only global recession in six markets one. In 2009, a group of Xuandong Adidas deal known as the "garbage bag" products value is 6,000 million yuan. Bao Qinghua said, Adidas, Nike sporting goods companies such strong returns are generally not, but because of too much inventory, dealers overwhelmed the first time ever in 2008 Nike's return to the dealer a certain amount.

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